Tree of Life workshops

Using a framework designed by Ncazelo Ncube (2006), called the ‘Tree of Life’, we aim to empower young people and remind them of their strengths. Sessions last between 60 – 90 minutes and consist of 4-8 students identified by the school as needing support.  We use a simple metaphor of a tree to represent elements of a person's life, re-telling the unique story of each student and encouraging a new narrative.  The witnessing of the re-telling is very powerful.  We also have sessions entitled 'storms of life' where we encourage thinking about what support we need individually and how to access that support and how the group can support each other when difficulties arise.  The final part to the Tree of Life is the certification ceremony, where parents and significant carers are invited to celebrate our new found understanding of ourselves and each other.

All workshops last for 6 - 8 sessions and are facilitated by our staff.  Workshops can be specifically for one group of students, such as asylum seekers and refugees, or for students with different backgrounds for whom school staff think might benefit from this small group intervention.  Examples of workshops are:

Primary schools

(years 5 and 6)

Managing transition from year 6 to year 7 

Supporting children who are asylum seekers/refugees

Making sense of foster care and adoption

Thinking about anger and big feelings

Boosting self confidence and self-esteem

Secondary schools

Managing exam stress

Coping with anxiety and depression

Building resilience and boosting self-esteem

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Wellbeing (16+)