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Bespoke packages

We have particular expertise working with small groups of students to manage overwhelming feelings such as sadness and anger.  Many people are not exposed to emotional literacy and have no basis on which to begin processing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Using a range of techniques from Mindfulness, CBT, positive psychology and our own intuitive way of working, we have been able to communicate successfully with students of all ages to help them process what is happening in their life, leaving them more able to focus on learning.  Please contact us to find out how we can help you to best support your students.

For Staff

We offer training for teachers on working with looked after/adopted children and how to maximise their potential.  This can be done 1:1, in small groups or departments and for whole staff as part of CPD.  We can help your school to become an ‘adoption friendly school’ following Post Adoption Centre guidelines.  We also offer sessions on integrating refugee or asylum-seeking children and their families into your school and how to think about best meeting the needs of this vulnerable group.

For Parents/Carers

Parent mentoring workshops can be offered during the day or in the evening and we can help schools connect with disengaged or harder to reach parents and carers.  We can work with parents in a small group setting or with families on an individual basis in the community.